How many evolutions of you have there been? Can you let past versions go when it is time? The turn of the year leads me to reflect on what now wants to die in me, and what longs to breathe. I’m encouraging three old and persistent beliefs to fade. I sense they are tired and need to leave. Shall I voice them here? Well, in case it helps someone else be self-honest too, and because I’ve already set them free, OK! I will. They are these:⁣

🔥 That life is stressful. ⁣

🔥 That I’m mentally fragile. ⁣

🔥 That I’m not enough.⁣

My sister burns them for me in the fire bowl on New Year’s Eve.

Meanwhile, I watch the last jewel of 2021 southern-hemisphere sun expire, and orange resonates in my heart’s eye. I begin this painting before midnight and through the newest days of the year I pour intention into it. As I do, I wish for 2022 to gently bring the inner regeneration we each now need. You see, ‘Me two’ is not only made for me: it’s for you, too.

Those are the words I wrote on Instagram when I shared the story of Me two. I want to include them here with the painting as a marker, a little milestone for me. After almost two years of experiencing various degrees of separation in both my inner and outer worlds, I’ve finally managed to fly the 7000 miles to reconnect with other parts of my life, AND, in this painting, Me two, I sense a reconnection with my truest voice. A double cause for celebration! 🌟 🌟

I am fascinated by transformation of the internal kind. The sort we ourselves choose to ignite. The sort that can shift energy and improve our mental states. The sort that leads us to regenerate.

I’m always conscious of transformational energies when I paint, because I paint to encourage them to thrive. It’s a big piece of my creative why. Sometimes though, the paintings I make feel like they hold more Soul’s Voice. There’s more raw spirit and less censorship driven by my mind.

Me two is one of those paintings. It’s now sitting near me throughout the day, in plain sight, reminding me that I can shift my ways. I want to ‘flex’ (my word for this year), to stretch and move gently into fresh expansion, but also continue to soften and relax with ‘ease’ (my word for last year) into the natural flow of all things. ‘Everything is resolving’ has been one of my most comforting mantras of late. Patience without forcing anything brings resolution in the end, as the pandemic has, in its own rather challenging way, shown me.

Me two‘s predecessor The Peace Seeker (2021, see image below) was more controlled. It took months to reach a ‘finished’ place. It’s true the initial idea of the figure and the first layer poured out one night in July, but I ‘ummmed and ahhhed’ later about the sinister copse of trees, the colours of the sky, the horizon line. Was it meaningful enough? Was it ‘right’? In the end I let it rest. ‘Be easy with it Sal,’ I said, ‘It is as it needs to be… for you. Don’t stress.’

The peace seeker SALchemy SAL 2021
‘The Peace Seeker’ SAL 2021

The Peace Seeker does feel slightly unsettled, as perhaps all internal-peace-or-ease seekers are. As I was at the time. But there is shift in the painting, the crowns might signify changing states or the potential for choice. Me two is freer, bolder, surer of itself, happy to be just as it is, and it reassures that transformation is always ours to embrace.


'Me two' for you, too photostory SAL SALchemy 2021-2022
Me two’ for you, too.
May it encourage transformation and regeneration in 2022.

Me two’: acrylic and Intense pencil on linen-canvas texture paper, 30x40cm
‘The Peace Seeker’: acrylic and Intense pencil on canvas, 50x50cm

#thejoyexperiments #SALchemy

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Photographed with an iPhone the colours can be compromised and small amounts of cropping can occur. The real paintings speak more clearly.

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