Category: 2015

After the milonga / Después de la milonga

My words about the works in English: I made these five paintings through October, November and December 2015, after my previous five works on the theme of the…

Mientras hay vida by SAL

The darker side / el lado más oscuro

I made these paintings in Buenos Aires during September/October 2015 following some big shifts in my life. I’ve been painting for almost five years now and I’ve reached…

SALchemy 2015 4 Connect with your Soul

Connect with your Soul

Feel the connect It tells you who you are Your Soul is a time traveller who chose this moment, this place for you to know I’ve been reflecting…

SALchemy 2015 3 be seen

Be seen

A human being bends towards the ground on the mountain side, weaves ribbons of pink and green from the sun’s rise into a swirl around his secret wishes….

SALchemy 2015 2 dance on your magic path with us

Dance on your magic path with us

Inspired by the beings who surround and support us on our life Quest only some of whom are visible. What does it mean to ‘wear your crown’? For…

SALchemy 2015 wear your crown

Wear your crown

Inspired by thoughts of the choices we must make if we are to be fully awake and present for the second half of our lives. It’s my Love’s…

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