Category: #thejoyexperiments

Catalyst for transformation, expressionist art or historic record?

One day at a time, in my COVID-19 degrees of separation project, I’ve made 190+ iPad paintings in 190+ days. I started the project to help me cope…

COVID-19 degrees of separation: an iPad painting a day for joy

My love goes out to everyone. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis means we are all facing different, challenging and new degrees of separation. Countries. Cities. Partners. Parents and grandparents….

Angels and motorbikes

On mornings when I wake anxious* about some aspect of my life situation or (especially in 2019) of the world’s life situation, I have a simple but reliable…

The joy experiments

After I flew off a motorbike, got my titanium collarbone and started doing everything with my left hand, I knew I’d never be quite the same again. Perhaps…

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