I like to experiment in life, in paint and with words. This is me.

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Since I was a little girl, I’ve always loved words and images together. So I’m mixing them here. It’s an act of self-expression, but it’s also an attempt to send something into the world that could resonate with someone else.

In the moment someone resonates with my ‘art’, I think a unique, new, pure energy is created. It’s a combining of something of me with something of you, with an effect that neither of us can predict. Because my name is Sally or Sal, I like to call this process SALchemy.

My art has taken many different forms over the years, it never stands still. I’ve decided to leave past phases here to show how the visual side has evolved.

Thank you for looking and reading. SAL.

p.s. That’s a Hockney behind my head (bottom right), at the Royal Academy, London. The giraffe on the easel (top left) and the self portrait (bottom left) are mine, made about 50 years apart. I realise the giraffe probably looks happier!