Privacy Policy v2.0


Thank you for visiting We want to explain to you what ‘personal data’ the website collects and what we do with it, including our use of ‘cookies’.

We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time, please check in for updates.

Your personal data

The website doesn’t store any personal data like names, email addresses etc. as it doesn’t use a contact form. It doesn’t have a blog comment facility. You may contact us by email, however we can’t guarantee that your email will be encrypted at all stages of its life.

Our 🌟 from SAL mailing list

We use INTUIT MailChimp (see to operate our mailing list. You may subscribe to the list via our double opt-in sign-up form here: The sign-up process includes you giving your consent (via a checkbox) to receive marketing emails from SAL | Explorer. You give us your name and email address during the sign-up process. This data is stored in the INTUIT MailChimp system until either you choose to Unsubscribe via the Unsubscribe link in any of our emails or until we no longer operate the mailing list. If, in the future, we move our list to another provider you will be informed via email by us before this happens.

Google Analytics IP address collection

The website uses Google Analytics 4 tracking software so we can evaluate the effectiveness of the site in general terms. With Google Analytics 4, Google states that “IP masking is not necessary since IP addresses are not logged or stored”.

Google Analytics cookie placement

We use Google Analytics 4 to monitor the effectiveness of our website. Google Analytics 4 places Third Party tracking cookies to monitor website traffic, and in particular whether a visitor to our website is a new user or a returning user. The cookies placed (along with their time to expiry and their purpose) are:

_ga 2 years Used to distinguish users.
_ga_<container-id> 2 years Used to persist session state.

For full details please read

The first time you visit our website, if you prefer not to accept these Google Analytics tracking cookies, please click the Decline button on our cookie opt in/opt out prompt, and new cookies will not be placed.

If you are OK with new Google Analytics cookies being placed, please click the Accept button.

Changing your mind

If you have previously accepted the Google Analytics cookies and you want to decline them from now on so that no new cookies are set, use the Reset your consent button that will appear below; if you have previously declined the Google Analytics cookies and wish to accept them from now on, please use the Accept cookies button that will appear below.

Whatever your choice, first party ‘necessary and functional’ cookies will be placed to remember your choice for 365 days, so we don’t keep annoying you with cookie notices every time you visit. These cookies are: wpca_consent and wpca_cc.

Data sent between your device and our website

Any data that is sent between your device and our website is encrypted for your protection — our website address begins with https:// and you can see the word Secure and/or a little padlock next to the url in your browser; we use a technology called Secure Sockets Layer to do that.

Other sites we link to from this website

We may link to other websites from this site. When you click a link and land on a page where the url does not begin with you will be governed by the Privacy Policy and processes of that site and not by our own.

Thank you and contact

We hope you enjoy the website. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, you can email saltownsendblake (at) and we will do our best to help you.

Thank you for visiting! SAL