I like to experiment in life, in paint and with words. This is me.

SAL 2019 sallytownsendblake.com

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always loved words and images together. So I’m mixing them here. It’s a Soul-driven act of self-expression, and a wish to send something into the world that could resonate with someone else.

In the moment someone connects with my writing or painting, I think a unique, new, pure energy is created. It’s a combining of something of me with something of you, with a butterfly effect that neither of us can predict. The result informs my creative journey, it helps me grow and evolve. I’m curious about how making and sharing art can, in practice, be a catalyst for transformation.

Because my name is Sally or Sal, I like to call this process SALchemy.

I used to feel disappointed that my visual art never seemed to find its one true form. Now (after almost ten years of painting) I understand why not, and I’m glad for it. I am an explorer, an adventurer and a free spirit, and my art is a reflection of that. It’s an expression of who I am in any given moment, rather than any planned result or obvious genre. I’ve decided to leave past phases here to show how the visual side has evolved, as each phase has informed the next. Nothing is lost and everything counts.

Thank you for looking and reading. SAL.

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